Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Ethnic Chic

Another style of me to attend an event. 

With Dicky and Riri

with Mba Deashi from Fashion Pro Magazine

Inner + shawl : @squarekerudung
Sleeveless shirt : @up2date_
Kebaya encim : @folkcloth
Pants : @folkcloth

Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2013, My Style, My Outfit.

Hello again!

Just like everybody, i'm also taking a picture at wall of this event. Not just one, but THREE in a row. =))

Do you like my style? I called it, Grey meets Maroon style.. :D 

And, oh, forgive my chubby cheek it's been there past 2 years :P

Inner + scarf : @squarekerudung
Blazer : Berskha
Shirt : Uniqlo 
Pants : @lookupnews
Shoes : Glintz

Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Hello Singapore! (first timer part 2)


What is the most visited place in Singapore? I bet you all shouting "Merlion statue!" :D

Pedestrian at Raflles St


It's me and my chubby cheek :D
 A taxi driver said that Singapore is safe and secure. I couldn't agree more. They put CCTV at all corner of the country! Wooow..

Well i don't have any words to share. I came home with full of souvenir pack in my bag. It's broke my wallet! LOL



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