Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Umra Part 2, Medina Al Munawarroh


Let's continue to part 2!

I'm arrived at Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Azis airport in Medina al Munawarroh at 5 AM. My flight was delayed about 10 hours from Jakarta.

airport bus

our plane


From the airport, we go straight to hotel, take some rest and then go shopping! :D

Masjid Nabawi
"Khamsa Real.. Khamsa Real.."

flea market
my hotel at Medina
 At Medina, my hotel is soooooo close to Masjid Nabawi. So many stores near our hotel, restaurant, souvenir shop, supermarket and another hotels. I wont tell you how great is Masjid Nabawi, you can google it. The experiences in there was make me so thankful and also grateful. Lucky me!

Maqam Baqi

Masjid Quba

Fountain at Medina street

Date store

Me vs Pigeon :D
These are places that you can found at Medina. Once, when you go there, you wont go back where you belong! Trust me! :)

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