Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

my Surabaya note

This is my first time wrote in english :D

i went to Surabaya last week. i'm alone from Jakarta, but, i will met my two other friends at Surabaya later. i won't tell you why we should go to Surabaya, just say that we're "working". oow, okay, noted, we are working, facing an event, a small event. :P

we stayed at eight stars hotel.. hahaha.. can you imagine that? not a hotel actually, we stayed at our boss' house. the service is more than just like five stars hotel cause the boss is rent us her car (with the driver off course), give us breakfast and there's one flat tv 17 inch with international channel in our room. what a great weekend!

Surabaya is just like Jakarta. traffic jam, cars, motorcycle, bus, "angkot", train, they're as crowded as Jakarta. We can find heritage building at Surabaya, more than one, just like Jakarta. At 2005-2007, i came to Surabaya about four times a year. Now, after 3 years, there's no different, still had a same "atmosphere".

But, there's one thing that make me curious about Surabaya, and made Surabaya different from Jakarta, it's Suramadu bridge. Suramadu bridge with > 5KM length is connecting Java island with Madura island. Thanks to Ariana and her husband who take us and allow us to go there. woohoo.. finally, i go to Madura island!!

We go back to Jakarta at Sunday evening. we are almost late check in. the driver took us to the wrong way so we have to turn around to avoid traffic jam. we decided to using highway and by then we just figured out that the driver doesn't know how to reach the airport through highway!! gggrrrrggghhh...

thanks God i still remember that Waru gate is the right way. So, when we arrived at the airport we doesn't late for check in. pfiuuuh..

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