Senin, 19 Maret 2012

Work Traveling : Kuala Lumpur

Premier Lane at imigration with Deden Siswanto

I can't imagine, my first experience going abroad would be really special.

Bu Irna was told me that she need my help. I didn't know where we go until the email was received. Never think about it before, i will going to KL in the middle of March.

Indonesia Embassy, Garuda Indonesia and Mandarin Oriental Hotel are collaborate to held this event called Indonesia Food and Cultural Festival. Bu Irna as the designer of Irna La Perle, was invited to show her collection. She asked Deden Siswanto (one of Indonesia famous designer) to join this fashion show and KBRI approved it.

Well, this will be my first time. And, we had a first class facilitation in accomodation, transportation and immigration! See the picture above? ;)

People who working at Indonesia Embassy in Kuala Lumpur was very helpful. They served us just like we are important people. I'm really thankful!.

The show


Petronas Twin Tower

Bu Irna, Pa Deden, Bu Ani, Miss Tourism Indonesia and the models

If you ask me, how is Kuala Lumpur? My answer is, not so different from Jakarta. Big city, working people, foreigner, food, bus, mall, Jakarta has it all. What different? Well, you can find motorcycle in highway at Malaysia, and that was surprise me.. hehe.. 

This work traveling is only 4 days. Lot of laugh, lot of love, lot of food, full covered, hard work with less sleep. But sure, i'll be back someday :)

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