Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

New Wishlist!

Me, recently, drooling to this Japanese bag product : Stream Trail

This brand came to Indonesia since this year, around April 2012. Stream Trail Indonesia had online site for you to buy their product. Do click

Well, after i scroll down and click product menu at their website, i think i want these! :)

Carry All 2

Carry All 1

Dry Tank 25L

Dry Tank 40L

Dry Tank 12L

Marche 1,5

Marche 2


Me, love their bright colours!

Why so many? Well, as a traveler, i think i need (read : want) it all to accompany me. Somebody need to look alwaystylish at their pics, right? :p

What about you? Pick your own!

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